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You’ve come to the right place to learn more about the first two books in a children’s book series by two friends who love literature and adventures!

Nicky & Bea

Join Bea as she sets out in search of an adventure! EXCITEMENT AWAITS! Could it be fire-breathing dragons? Hidden treasure? Or maybe… something else?

What could be more exciting than dragons?

Tag along with Bea to find out! Purchase your copy of Nicky & Bea today. And see the adventure from Nicky’s point of view in book 2, Nicky & Bea and Steve: A Different Point of View.

Nicky & Bea and Steve:

A Different Point of View

Join Nicky as she reluctantly tags along on an adventure. While she’d rather stay at home with her imaginary friend, Steve, she starts to discover that not all adventures are scary. Some might even be worth stepping out of your comfort zone. You may just need to look at things from a different point of view.

Nicky & Bea and Steve is the second book in the Nicky & Bea series, a children’s book series by two friends who love literature and adventures! See the story from Bea's perspective in Book 1, Nicky & Bea.


Rebecca (Becca) Amstutz is an adventurer of life. From Disney World to the Cliffs of Insanity, she wants to see it all! She can often be found blowing bubbles, reading books, or going on walks with her dog, Fyedka.


Nicole Dynes is an artist-turned-illustrator who pulls inspiration from her daily life experiences, from painting and baking to playing with her dog, Petra.

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