Photos from the Vault: Holly

Photographs capture moments in time, freezing fragments of the present so we can look back on them in the future. Sometimes, those moments signify the beginning of journeys that we hope will last a lifetime. Sometimes, those moments are closer to the end than we’d ever imagine.

As photographers, we don’t always get to see the changes that take place after we’ve delivered the final product. However, when you often take pictures for family and friends, it can be difficult, at times, to see how things change after the photos are edited.

Holly’s wedding was one such event. 

I have a big extended family. My mom has over 50 first cousins on one side and over 100 on the other. This means I have a lot of second cousins, including Holly. We’d see each other each year at our family reunion and occasionally in between reunions when our families got together. 

When she asked if I’d be able to be her wedding photographer, I was happy to say yes. It was such a special day, beautiful and full of love, and it resulted in some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken. It was an honor to be part of it. 

Holly is no longer with us. Things didn’t go as hoped after the last picture was taken and the camera was put away, but I’ve been given permission to share these pictures, these frozen fragments, with you. Holly is missed… dearly, but she is not forgotten.

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