It’s Happening!

Several months ago, I decided to start selling my art online. It started off great with a few digital prints available for purchase on Etsy. Then summer hit, and with it came markets. Markets for which I had to have inventory to sell. And just like that, my online store momentum died.

I had a few organic sales on Etsy, as well as a handful of supportive friends and family, but I didn’t put the effort I should have into the marketing to actually make my Etsy shop a success. There was still traffic, but over the next few months, even that slowed.

Then something happened at a summer market. And it kept happening. I had 4”x6” prints of my original artwork for sale, but customer after customer would say something along the lines of, “This print would be so cool as a card!”

So, after the summer market was done, I pivoted slightly and turned my art prints into art print cards, giving me a marketable product that had purpose. I tested the cards at a few in-person markets, and they seemed to go over well. That was just the thing I needed to remotivate myself to set up my actual online store. After a few hurdles and several confusing steps, I finally had all of my currently available cards set up and ready to go, as well as a couple mini calendars for 2024. 

While I didn’t quite have the store ready in time to promote Christmas shopping, I’m happy to announce that it is now up and running! (Shipping to US customers only at this time.)

Getting my online store set up was a big goal for 2023 that I was able to check off just before the new year. I had a steady flow of photo shoots, set up at the Das Marit market most weekends, and produced some of my favorite pieces that I’ve made so far. A few other goals got missed or bumped to 2024, but overall, 2023 was a step in the right direction for my art business. I look forward to what 2024 has in store - and to what I’ll add to my store!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me along this art journey!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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